John Lennon Statues

  • Was recently on a cruise to Portugal out of Tilbury, London, on the 'Marco Polo'. We were supposed to have a day ashore in Lisbon but the Portuguese sea pilots announced a 24 hour strike so we went instead to the port of La Coruna in the north-west of Spain where I'd never been before.


    Spent the day pleasantly exploring the town and using my rusty Spanish. I was amazed to discover in a downtown park a statue of my old school friend, John Lennon. He was seated, holding his guitar, glasses on and wearing cowboy boots. I thought it was a good likeness.


    Made me wonder how the authorities in the town came to commission and erect the statue. Did John have any connection with the town and was he ever there? I know there is a well-known statue of John in Liverpool but coming upon him unexpectedly in a relatively small Spanish town made me wonder what other cities have statues of John and how many statues of him there are in total around the world.


    Michael Hill

  • ambrosi eugenio
    ambrosi eugenio no, but i received last week a postcard from the capital of kazakistan, a well done bronze statue of the beatles in a park of the town!
    September 10, 2012 - 2 like this
  • ambrosi eugenio
    ambrosi eugenio mmmh, i don't know italian statues, but i know a john lennon place in tolmezzo and a john lennon park in bologna and pordenone ... i'll control if there are statues there
    September 26, 2012