THE BEATLES IN 3D; 1956 - 1970

  • The Beatles in 3D celebrates Beatles music and instruments with photo-realistic 3D renders of famous Beatles locations from the studios, live stage venues and their homes where they wrote and rehearsed their music.


    Using photographs from the various periods as reference, my vision is to illustrate what a typical set up might have looked like in these settings with all the amps, guitars, and all manner of Beatles gear.


    Many years of research went into the Beatles instuments and many famous locations from their early days in Liverpool to the Apple rooftop concert along with a few post-Beatles renders.


    The early years include photo-real renders from the St. Peter's Woolton Parish Church hall and the first meeting between John and Paul. and Lennon, McCartney and Harrison's childhood homes at Mendips, 20 Forthlin Rd and 25 Upton.


    Early live venues include: Quarry men venues, The Cavern Club, The Casbah, The Indra and others.


    "Beatlemania" era renders include the Ed Sullivan stages and The Washington DC Coliseum. 


    Studio era renders include Abbey Road Studios #2 and Apple Studios and an extensive set up for the Apple rooftop concert illustrating the various gear they used in the studio for each LP from 1962 to 1970. 


    All renders are available for print on Kodak paper from 4"x6" up to a wall mural.


    I also create renders a commission basis and my goal is to cater to the Beatle Maniac with custom artwork at very affordable rates.


    If you have a favorite Beatles era please contact me for a one-on-one consultation.

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    The Beatles in 3D

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    Ringo's Ludwig kit in studio #2 circa 1964.